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Impactbeam Reviews & Rankings

Reviews and ranking page ought to charge you in some way for the hard work of research we do in order to bring you valuable insight, reviews and tips on different products and services and how to live a safer life. Thankfully, we do not have to as we take care of the bills by means of the affiliate commissions we may earn when you click on or make a purchase via a link on this site. By this, we remain motivated to continue to provide you (free of charge) useful Safety and Security information and research possible best products out there in the market in different aspects of living that may well serve your needs. The commissions we may receive never interfere with our recommendations and the content or order of our rating and reviews. products must meet expected quality standards to enjoy good reviews. It is important to note that the opinions and perspectives shared on the pages of this site are entirely our own. our experts and researchers rank products and services based on their opinion and what they believe will meet the needs of our readers. Our objective is to present you fair and unbiased rankings, recommendations, tools and product guides that will help you make informed and satisfactory choices .

What Guides the way we Rank Products?

What ultimately guides our rankings and reviews of products is serious research into the way the following products attributes play out in the market place. These elements or attributes include the following:


The value of a product among other factors can be measured by its ability to meet consumers’ needs well. Price is another important factor. Although our reviews cover products of different price ranges, we make efforts to identify products that give the best value for the price tag. 

Distinctive Features

Product features may vary by product category. In our recommendations, We try to identify best-in-class innovations. Generally, the more innovative a product features are or the more practical uses a product can be put, the more likely we are to consider it in our recommendations.


A good product that is not easy to find or available for use invariably becomes of no use to anyone. Save yourself the cost and energy of searching for products that are hard to find. The products that enjoy our best rankings and recommendations can easily be found and purchased throughout the US and elsewhere. 

Brand Reputation

Brands that are recognised for high quality products and enjoys good reputation are most likely to be considered in our recommendations. Some companies come up and soon disappear because of market dynamics. In our reviews we assign higher values to products whose manufacturers have indisputable reputation and have stood the test of time.

Reliable Reviews

Our technology researchers take their time in researching different products and services. Of course we recognise the fact that everyone has different needs and opinions. As such we do not claim that our reviews and recommendations are perfect for everyone. Neither are we infallible. We make efforts to peruse through all available customer reviews to have deep insight into product’s strengths and weaknesses. In doing this, we ensure that all unverified and untrustworthy reviews are disregarded. Only products with high quality, verified reviews are given high rankings and recommendations.

High Consumer Demand

The higher the demand for a product, the higher it is favorably perceived by large number of people. Such products usually get included in a best-sellers’ as is common with’s best sellers list. Such products may be nominated for awards. Any product of such high demand usually get higher rankings and recommendations from us.

Product Warranty

Products with reasonable warranty periods command sense of value in the eyes of consumers. Products with competitive warranties and good customer service policy are assigned higher rankings and win our recommendations. 

The Outcome!

Critical research into the above products’ attributes helps us decide on products recommendations, and home security and safety information you need. The outcome is; you have it all worked out for you-, a trustworthy products guide and reliable online resource for safety and security information you can use.

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