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Home Improvement 101 For Older Houses

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Home Improvement 101 For Older Houses

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Home improvement can be learned. An older property can be appealing- thanks to its unique architectural elements and historical charm. However, older houses also require more upkeep. You can get the help you need to maintain your house by finding area professionals right here.


That said, not every repair requires the expertise of a handyman—you can do some jobs yourself. Get the resources you need to determine the difference below.


Prioritize Your Home Improvement Projects According to Sales Value


Certain home repairs are more urgent, while others can wait. If you plan to sell your home, some renovations are a must.


  • Educate yourself about common problems in old properties in the UK, so you know what issues to look out for.
  • Tackle structural issues that could prove a safety threat first, like a leaky roof or cracked foundation. You’ll have trouble selling your property otherwise.
  • Next, focus on changes that will boost property value, like converting a garage into liveable space.


Tackle Smaller Repairs Yourself


Save money on home improvements by taking care of easier jobs that don’t require a professional’s assistance on your own.


  • A fresh coat of paint or wallpaper applied like a pro can spruce up a house quickly.
  • Changing light fittings is another way to easily transform your home’s interior that doesn’t require an expert’s assistance.
  • Old homes may have dingy-looking flooring. Choose the right type of flooring and you can replace it yourself.
  • Don’t forget the outdoors. Upgrading your house’s landscaping increases its value and boosts curb appeal.


Hire Out Pros for Larger Renovations


More substantial repairs or renovations are best left to a professional with the tools and knowledge to handle the job safely.


  • Always outsource potentially hazardous works, like demolition, which poses many threats, from fire to hazardous chemicals exposure.
  • Leave mold remediation to a professional, as exposure due to improper removal can cause issues like skin rash and runny nose.
  • Roof repairs are likewise risky and pose the threat of falling from heights. Budget anywhere from £150 to £1110 for repairs.
  • Consult an expert for any project requiring UK government building regulations approval. They can also handle the paperwork.


Sprucing up an old house requires some investment of time and money. By planning your home improvements in advance, you can ensure a streamlined process. Trust the above resources to guide you.


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