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Creative Activities Spike-A Fallout of Corona Lockdown!

Family creating stuff at home
Creative activities-Family playing at home

So much creative activities everywhere! Who would believe that a moment of periodic stay at home from work during a pandemic could bring out so much creativity in people around the world both in the young and old! There are people engaging themselves in all manner of creative activities everywhere you look. This goes to underscore the point made by Napoleon Hills in his book, ‘Think And Grow Rich’ where he stated that “every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

The Current Corona virus attack on the world is one of a kind. This is a pandemic that majority of the world’s population have never experienced in their lives before. For a tiny virus to have the whole world in an iron grip is highly unprecedented. But what is interesting really is the way people around the world are responding to the corona crisis

Creative Activities-How Some Are Riding Their ‘Stay At Home’ Order

The above creative activities no doubt would put a smile in many faces. Who wouldn’t need that this time?

Modern living has thrived on control and routine. When these are lacking, panic and uncertainty set in. People feel distabilized whenever the power to be in charge or control is taken away from them. As a result, they become desperate. The language people understand more at such times becomes that of survival. The corona virus pandemic took away the power of control from people. Even till this moment, many are yet to come to full grips with it.

In addition, If you observe carefully you will notice that modern society is built on routine. In organizations, workers have their Jobs clearly described for them. Everyone knows what he or she is to do. This relieves anxiety as you do not have to think afresh your approaches to managing your work. Saves time too.

This is the world we know.

How is the world getting by this time? It is clear that with the pervasive attack of the Corona virus, control and routine that we are familiar with seem to fly out the window. A shroud of uncertainty has settled on everyone. People begin to fathom out fresh pathways to follow each day.

No one can argue the point that this tiny deadly virus has dealt the world a solid punch. The onslaught will not be forgotten in a hurry. Interestingly, virtually every country on earth is hit. In the midst of the confusion and stress brought about by the corona pandemic, something worthy of note is in the air. This I will call ‘Creativity.’

How the World is Coping

The world is experiencing an upsurge in creativity. We can see this in the way people try to figure out creative ways to get things done. Take communication for instance; Some hitherto silent ways of communicating in many regions across the world are being awakened, explored and utilized more than ever before. The world saw a spike in the number of persons using Zoom and Skype tele and video conferencing apps to hold meetings. Without being present physically, people got themselves present virtually.

Again, there is creativity in the way Governments and health institutions scramble resources and arrange bedding centers to accommodate victims of the pandemic. There is creativity in the way the best Universities and pharmaceutical companies are collaborating to come up with a vaccine for the virus. Creativity is seen also in the way people relate; the manner household tasks are carried out across many communities in different parts of the world, . There is also creativity in the way many humorously make light of the rather stressful situation through social media music, videos, dances, jokes and paintings. Also, the ways support is shown for employees and all those risking their health to provide help, there is creativity. Clearly, people are engaged in creative activities all around. All this show how quickly humans can adapt or find ways around their problems.

Going by Napoleon Hills’ observation: “every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” As destabilizing and cruel as the Corona pandemic has been, the world may as well reflect inward and see what beneficial seeds there are to reap. In the long run, people might just discover better and more creative ways of getting a lot of things done.

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