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About seeks to make life and living interesting and safer for everyone. Our primary objective is to keep you informed. whether you are at home, in the field, in your workplace or elsewhere. Our goal is simple; to be a trusted online resource for information about current happenings around the world, your home and family safety. Our world is becoming more and more unsafe by the day. The rise of technology has changed the way people address security and safety challenges. Wherever you live, you are affected in one way or the other.  Through research and recommendations from industry experts, we inform the public about relevant issues of interest,  educate consumers on home safety devices and appliances and help them make informed choices. 

Apart from sourcing current news happenings from trusted sources around the world, our product reviews, for example, help provide you with the answers you need to make smart home security and safety decisions. We compare products in the market to make your buying decisions easy.

When we talk about security and safety, we do not settle for less. We believe you won’t either.


Our Approach

You deserve value for your time and money, so we give serious attention to researching the content we publish, and make sure we are not biased in our presentations as is expected of good journalism.

Data Driven

Our information comes from an array of reliable sources, including government datasets and other credible private institutions

Many Perspectives

We would be wrong to claim that we know it all. For every review and article we publish, we get input from relevant sources and sometimes experts who have significant knowledge and experience on matters in such fields.

Easily Digestible

Daily we are overwhelmed with information. At, we strive to present our content in simple, easily understandable and digestible format.  This we believe, will  help you  make informed safety and security decisions for yourself and your family.






Meet Our Team



Site Director & Content Strategist

Bonkarah is a man of many parts. A human resource expert and Journalist by training. His interest in safety and security as well as modern technological innovations to address them moved him to create the site He leads operations across the design, content, and development teams. His insight helps the team prioritize meaningful projects, and works closely with our strategic partners.


Customer Experience Manager

Rosemary is a certified real estate consultant. She enjoys working with clients and recommending safety and security gadgets for their homes such as best Cameras and Locks that may meet their needs. Her inputs assist in optimizing our site to ensure a world class experience for our users.


Associate Digital Designer

Gladys is an expert in digital design. She actually designed impactbeam’s logo. She contributes her expertise in ensuring a world class site experience for our users.


Tech Developer

Kome has a passion for designing websites, learning and implementing new tech and crafting websites that are user friendly and which delivers an enjoyable user experience. He works on both front and back ends of the site.